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Michael Rey is an American country songwriter who writes, composes, records, and co-produces country songs in Nashville, Tennessee geared for Major Country artists, T.V. Movies & Film. 

Through the years he has acquired National and International support. Who's number one mission is to give a voice to the song he writes & records. The entire Michael Rey team understands that the song is the single most important connection between the artist and the listener. Our mission is simple, get the song into the hands of Music Industry Professionals that can get the song to the artist or movie by supporting via every Social Media site possible.

Have a listen and enjoy our newest song, "Is this what love means?. We hope you love it as much as me loved creating it.  Please tell your friends and family about us. Thank you in advance.

Is this what love means?

Michael Rey - Country Songwriter - When Country meets Rock

"Is this what Love means?" 

As I watched you board that plane, I knew a piece of me was to blame 
As that last red blinking light, faded off into the night I cried 
"Is this what love means?" 
"Is this what love means?" 

When I made it home that night, I stared out towards the midnight sky 
I fell down on my weakened knees, Curled up & cursed my foolish pride 
"Is this what love means?" 
"Is this what love means?" 

You're eight hundred miles away, if you can hear my call 
My arms are reaching out to you, my heart's about to stall 
I know in time, you'll find your piece of mind 
"Is this what love means?" 
"Is this what love means?" 

Every second you've been gone, my memories of you linger on & on 
All my dreams won't let you go, you're not here or I would tell you so 
"Is this what love means?" 
"Is this what love means?" 

Pain is all I feel inside, until I'm back with you 
I'm headed out to bring you home, I've been such a fool 
I wear your pain, your tears run down my face
"Is this what love means?" 
"Is this what love means?" 

"Is this what love means?" 

Written by: Michael Rey - Country Songwriter (BMI)
Performed by: Adam Cunningham
Recorded & Produced in Nashville, Tennessee 
© 2017

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