How your Contribution works

If you have made it to this page. Thank you, for your interest in Michael Rey - Country Songwriter.

Here is a video of one of our songs, "You can lean your love on me" being recorded in Nashville Tennessee.​ As you can see, there are 4 studio musicians and an engineer. Also, you will hear a Male and Female studio session singers. Each contributing session musician and session singer, engineer and producer is paid a union scale rate. Plus, the cost of the studio time accrued. In addition, there are mastering costs 

For us to be competitive in the National and International song placement market. We must have the best recording of our songs possible. Your Contributions go towards making our next song possible. 

We are not completely dependent on contributions. We handle most of the monetary expenses within our own infrastructure. Your contributions helps offset the net costs. Which is why we say, "Your contribution helps to make the next song possible.

Once our songs have been Mastered, we use various outlets to get our songs pitched out to Record label artists, Music Supervisors, Major publishers both Nationally, and Internationally. 

To learn more about Michael Rey Country - Songwriter see his Biography page

What do you get for your contribution? You will receive by email, your choice of any song on the Michael Rey Songs page or Christian Songs page of our site. To your right you will see a "Contact us" box.You will receive the FULL LENGTH version of your chosen song/s by email.  Simply fill it out in the "Comment" section tell us what song you'd like to receive. Once we have received your contribution. Your song will be emailed to you. note: We use paypal for security. You must be a member of paypal to make your contribution.