Michael Rey - Country Songwriter meets Nashville Tennessee

This might sound crazy folks. I am not going to Nashville to site see. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and respect Nashville's awesome country music history. Being solely a songwriter, I'm going there to do business. I've worked many years perfecting my songwriting craft plus, trying to build a support group that Understands that I am all about the song. I will spend a great deal of my time establishing contacts, making appointments with Record labels, Publishers, and many more Music Industry establishments. Let me say this, "All of this could not be possible without the extreme dedication of these hard working loyal individual supporters". Please allow me to introduce some of them. First,

I have been blessed to have,  Paula Wright leading the charge for almost 5 years. Paula is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She has been a valuable leader, and a priceless asset to the team and an awesome example for her teammates. Her untiring dedication has us where we are today. Thank you Paula. Next we have Clara Callahan supporting us from Nashville, Tennessee. She has been part of our team for over 3 years. She too has proved to be a valuable asset. Aside from her full time day job, she devotes many hours into our support effort. Thank you Clara.
Next we have Leilani Wilson from California. She's been with us for well over a year. She also works full time and devotes many hours into our team objectives. Her awesome attention to detail makes her extremely important to the team. Thank you Leilani. I'd like to welcome our newest member Maria Rieck from Wisconsin. She's already proven her dedication by her extreme eagerness to learn. I'm sure she too will prove to be a valuable asset to the teams mission. Thank you Maria.