Michael Rey -Country Songwriter - Douglas Corner Cafe Nashville, Tennessee

You can Lean you Love on me

On the day I met you, my life forever changed
I saw the world through different eyes, nothing ever seemed the same
We faced our challenges, obstacles, and tragedies
We always seem to surface, with a little air left to breathe

You can Lean your Love on me any time you feel you can’t go on
You can lean your love on me
If your heart gets heavy and it’s slowing you down
If the winds of the world start to tire you out
Standing in the haze is where I’ll be
You can Lean you Love on me

You stirred up my senses, with the scent of your cologne
I felt my heart pounding, our first time alone
I could see you cared for me, by the tremble in your hands
When I gave myself to you, you became my man.

Written by: Michael Rey & Sal Vigil (BMI)
© 2015
All rights reserved

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