Michael Rey - Nashville - Both Winners

Michael Rey - Singer/Songwriter Nashville Tn.

Michael Rey states, that it has taken him 26 years to get to Nashville, Tennessee. After serving in the US Army, and operating his Mexican Restaurant. He says he is ready to handle anything that is laid out in front of him. He has written many songs in many different genres. But prefers, country music songwriting no matter how much critics say it has changed. He's says that spending all those years in the US Army taught him one thing that he will never forget. How to adapt, overcome and conquer. He feels the same way about the Music Business. He says, it's an ever changing roller coaster ride. Filled with surprises and unexpected turns. Being able to go with the flow of the Music Business is key to success, he says. He states, that now that he lives in Nashville, Tennessee permanently he fill figure out a way to get noticed without saying a single word. His music and songwriting will do the speaking for him. He has familiarized himself with almost all of the Songwriter Showcases in Nashville. He says, he can take his experience and apply it to success. In time there is no doubt I'm sure, that he will find his way. Good luck Michael. 


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